Summer Slide: The Benefits of Summer Tutoring

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Summer Slide: The Benefits of Summer Tutoring

What is Summer Slide?

It may sound like a fun summer activity for kids, but it is actually a slide that no parents want their kids going down. 

Summer slide is name given to the learning loss that happens when children leave school to go on summer vacation for two months without working on any education. It can also be referred to as summer learning loss. 

Scholastic Canada states that only 38% of kids ages 6 – 11 read during the summer and only 27% of kids ages 12 – 17. Research also shows that up to 2 months of learning is lost during summer vacation and that teachers can spend up to 6 weeks reteaching old material. 

Enrolling children in a summer tutoring program can be very beneficial to avoid the summer slide. Unlike summer school, where it helps kids catch up. Tutoring can help them catch up, get ahead and still have time for their fun summer time activities. 

What are the benefits of tutoring over the summer?

  1. Routine 
    • It’s important for kids to have routines to stay in the habit of things. Enrolling your kids in tutoring for the summer can make returning to school in the fall easier. 
  1. Bridge the Gap
    • Even when children do really well in their learning, there is always room for improvement. Tutoring can help kids fill in the gaps on any subjects or units that may have been a little bit harder for them during the year. 
  1. Retaining information 
    • Going over previous subjects learned in the year before can help children gain more confidence in their skills. Perfecting their skills and knowledge from previous years.
  1. Strategies for Test Anxiety
    • Exams and test can be stressful at any age, causing anxiety and stress. This may cause children to overthink and talk themselves out of doing well. Working on this and learning new strategies to help them succeed in testing in the new year to come.

You might wonder, if they aren’t in school – what can they work on?

  • Looking back on things not understood from the year before
    • As mentioned before, bridging the gaps. A lot of children tend to excel in one subject while maybe lacking in another. Summer tutoring can help them fully understand subjects that may have not been their best area in the school year. These areas are something that could be practiced in tutoring to make it easier in the next grade level. 
  • Get a head start on what will be coming up in the new school year 
    • Starting a new grade can be intimidating, but it is never too early to get a head start! Looking ahead into the curriculum for the next grade is an awesome way to help your child gain more confidence with their knowledge and skills and wash away any worries about being in a grade higher. 
  • Fine tuning skills and knowledge already retained
    • It is a great way to avoid the “summer slide” children can work on areas that they are already doing well at to help them succeed even more in the upcoming grade. 

In conclusion, children may not want to continue doing school work over the summer, but it is not on a full daily basis. Tutoring can be done a couple hours a week and it will make the adjustment in September even easier than if they did not get educational support over the summer months. It is the perfect way to avoid summer learning loss or summer slide, while still providing more than enough time for fun summer activities!