Special Education Tutoring

Special Education Tutoring

We offer 1-on-1 special education tutoring. Our program is built to help children with diagnosed learning disabilities. Our clinic also works with students who are struggling academically but have not been formally diagnosed. Every tutoring program is fully customized to your child’s specific learning style. Not sure what his/her learning style is? Everyone is usually a mix of all three learning styles: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. We work with your child to help identify which of the three is their primary mode of learning, then remediate based on their preferred style.

Children who are not formally diagnosed can also be monitored  during their sessions to determine if a private psycho-educational assessment would be helpful. Some students have a large learning challenge that requires a diagnosis, others have features of a learning challenge that may not need anything more than some remediation. We can help you determine the best strategy for your child to be successful and happy at school.

IEP Formulation and Review

  • Have an IEP but wondering if it is still current for your child’s needs?
  • New to the IEP process but have a child with a diagnosed learning difficulty?
  • Unsure what an IEP is but wondering if it may help your child?

Our clinic assists parents navigating the IEP and IPRC process so that they can formulate  an IEP that helps their child reach their full potential. We know the process to ensure your IEP request turns into a document that makes school easier for your child. We also review psycho-educational assessments and IEP documentation to ensure that all the modifications and accommodations your child needs are in their IEP.

Learning challenges we work with:

  • ADHD
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Dyscalculia/Dyslexia
  • Reading/Math learning disabilities
  • Processing problems
  • Anxiety related to learning

Is your child struggling with reading on his/her own?

Does your child avoid spelling, math or reading?

Does your child “hate” school?

Have you been somewhere else for tutoring without success?

Does your child have issues with reading comprehension?

Is your child’s report card showing below average grades?

Does your child appear to have significant gaps in their learning?

Has your child ever been diagnosed with a learning disability?

Do you ever wonder if your child has a learning difficulty and needs to be assessed?

If you answered “Yes” to one of the above we can help!


Tutoring Breakdown

Tutoring starts with an intake with just the parents in order to gather background information and address any concerns with your child’s learning. We offer year round tutoring services for children in kindergarten to grade 8. Whether they are learning below, above or at grade level we can help them excel to where they need to be. We use an enriched learning environment, hands on learning tools, games and differentiated instruction to customize your child’s tutoring sessions.

What Does a Typical Session Look Like?

Tutoring sessions can provide remediation, homework support, enrichment or a combination of all three. We can effectively work on 1 to 2 subjects during a tutoring session. Movement breaks are provided as required as well as nutrition breaks. Progress reports are completed very month so parents always know where their children stand academically.


Summer is upon us which means kids are out of school for two months. So, what happens in the mean time? We offer a summer tutoring program which that can help children retain knowledge and enhance their skills for the new school year! Click below to learn more.

Special Education Tutoring