Play Therapy

Play Therapy

Tools and strategies to help little people manage big feelings!


Play is the natural way children learn. The child’s primary communication method is play and activity. Children can use toys and art to express things that they may otherwise feel uncomfortable discussing. It is essential for children to “play out” their feelings and emotions to better understand them.  Play therapy is a way of assisting children to learn new emotional, behavioural, and cognitive skills quickly using their individual learning style.

The key concepts that children will learn:

  • All feelings are acceptable
  • How to express their feelings appropriately
  • To be creative and resourceful in solving problems
  • Self-control and direction
  • Respect for themselves
  • to accept themselves
  • To take responsibility for their choices

Some therapeutic toys used in sessions:

  • Doll house
  • Puppets
  • Stuffed animals
  • Board games
  • Building blocks
  • Art Therapy (colouring, painting, crafts)
  • White board

We offer a warm, gentle and flexible approach to counselling for children. Our play room provides a safe place for children to comfortably express their feelings.

Play therapy is ideal for children struggling with:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • A difficult life transition (divorce, switching schools, moving)
  • Grief
  • ADHD

We offer Play Therapy for behaviour management. Check out our Behaviour Management blog to learn how we can help your child learn positive behaviour.

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