Parenting Support

Parenting Support

Positive Parenting strategies to help increase the amount of quality time you experience as a family

Parenting Support

Our parenting support helps parents gain more control of their homes. Most parenting support sessions  start with a behaviour management  plan. Traditional parenting strategies recommend consequences like time outs, groundings and removing privileges  when inappropriate behaviour occurs.  Behaviour management plans use choice theory to change your child’s behaviour. Our goal is to support parents who want to learn new positive behaviour management strategies. During counselling sessions, parents are taught tools and strategies that they can implement right away to start seeing results.


Behaviour Management and Play Therapy

Play Therapy  assists children in learning about their emotions and feelings. Children that have better control of their emotions  tend to know how to handle their behaviour in a more responsible way. Sometimes children act differently depending on where they are, who they are around or what is going on around them. At Julie Lewis Counselling and Consulting, we offer play therapy for behaviour issues.

Our behaviour management counselling for children and teens assist them to better understand the thoughts and emotions that lead to ineffective behaviours.  We further help them to develop habits of thought and emotion that lead to behaviours which can assist them in reaching their goals. We encourage children and teens to view their parents as a source of support. While also maintaining age-appropriate levels of self-sufficiency and self-responsibility.


Our behaviour management counselling is offered as a form of parenting support for the whole  family.

For children and teens, as well as for parents who wish to improve their parenting skills.


Children are often faulted for their behaviour, whether it’s at home, at school or in a public place. Instead of blaming them, we should look at the reason for that bad behaviour and why it happened. More often than not children are behaving badly for a reason. Helping kids understand their feelings and emotions can help them understand why they act out.

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