Family Counselling

Family Counselling

At Julie Lewis counselling we are able to cater to the entire families needs.

We offer counselling for the whole family, whether that be together, individually or both. When you are seeking family counselling there can be a number of reasons. For example, the most common reasons we see families coming in is for:

  • Exceptional children and siblings
  • Families in transition – for example:
    •  Divorce
    • Going through a move
    • Switching schools (going to secondary or post secondary)
  • Adult children and elder parents who have concerns related to aging
  • Health concerns or death in a family
  • Financial issues
  • Everyday family stressors

In addition, some other concerns families may be regarding:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • New Baby (Post Partum)
  • Behaviour (children, youth, teens)
  • Families of addicts
  • Couples Counselling

In addition, we understand that every family is different. No family out there is the same. Seeking counselling for the entire family can be very beneficial for everyone as a whole. During the counselling process we can also see people for their individual needs as well. That is to say, we are able to offer counselling to any age group. Whether that be children, youth, teens, or adults.

Family counselling can be very beneficial when a loved one is suffering from substance abuse. Check out our blog that talks about Families of Addicts and how all situations are different and the way they effect people are different. To learn more, click below.

families of addicts