Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Family Counselling Gives You the Tools to Strengthen Your Family

 Counselling Can Help If:

  • Your family is in transition
    • You are going through a divorce
    • You are going through a move
    • Switching schools (going to secondary or post secondary)
  • You are caregiving children and aging parents (Sandwich generation)
  • You have exceptional children, sibling issues, a blended family, concerns related to adult children, or elder parents with concerns related to aging.


Family Counselling

Counselling focuses on developing healthy family patterns that supports each family member in feeling their needs and wants are met within the family unit. Counselling teaches strategies for effective problem solving communication, stress management, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, coparenting and boundaries. Topics and strategies are tailored to each specific family’s needs.


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Family counselling can be very beneficial when a loved one is suffering from substance abuse. Check out our blog that talks about Families of Addicts and how all situations are different and the way they effect people are different. To learn more, click below.

families of addicts