Eating Disorders Counselling

Eating Disorders Counselling

We provide counselling for mild to moderate eating challenges. Eating concerns can be a significant mental health challenge that affects lifestyle and a sense of well being.

Eating Disorders Counselling Can Help If:


  • You go through your day worrying about food, weight or what people think about how you look.
  • You feel out of control when it comes to eating.
  • You live in fear of gaining weight.
  • You eat in secrecy.
  • You feel angry when someone comments on your eating habits or weight.
  • You feel anxious if you have not worked out.
  • You plan your daily life around how much and when you can exercise.
  • You restrict, over exercise, binge, purge or over eat.
  • You don’t like the way your body looks and may ben feel shame about it.


Eating Disorders Counselling


It’s never about for, it’s always about feelings.Eating disorders counselling provides a safe environment which helps clients explore difficult experiences related to painful emotions and self-critical  feelings. We understand how hard it may be to open up and talk about what drives eating behaviours.  Our counselling approach helps you or your loved one create a toolkit of cognitive, behavioural and lifestyle strategies to deal with both food behaviours and the feelings that underpin them – allowing  the silence to be broken, which can save lives. Counselling offers a warm, comfortable, non-judgemental environment for individuals with eating disorders. A combination of therapeutic strategies based in cognitive  and behavioural principles, emotionally focused counselling principles, meditation and deep relaxation are offered to assist clients in gaining control of their eating challenges.


Our clinic is registered with the National Eating Disorders Information Centre (NEDIC)

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Eating disorders aren’t as easy as eating less or eating more. Above all, it’s about the mental aspect of it. To better understand eating disorders, picture your biggest fear. Then picture whatever that fear is, consuming your whole life.

eating disorders counselling