Our Services

Our Services

At Julie Lewis Counselling we are able to cater to the needs of the entire family.

For Adults

Anxiety Counselling

Our anxiety counselling sessions provide an understanding of the nature of anxiety and strategies to cope.

Mood Counselling

Having an internal sense of control helps to regulate big mood swings and stabilize our ups and downs.

Eating Habits/Concerns 

Eating disorders treatment is critical for those who struggle with issues related to food.

Family Counselling

We offer counselling for the whole family, whether that be together or individually.


For Children

Special Education Tutoring

Removes from parents the problems of navigating homework time and teaching new concepts that parents often do not feel fully capable of doing.

Play Therapy

We have a child expert with a dedicated focus on play therapy. Our play therapy area it stocked with multiple modalities that make your child feel comfortable.

Self-Regulation Therapy

Sometimes when there is a big life change that is when children start showing self-regulation issues. Some kids will show great impulse control but certain life events may make them act out

Parenting Support

Our parenting support helps parents gain more control of their homes. Most parenting sessions start with a behaviour management plan. Our goal is to support parents who want to learn new positive behaviour management strategies.

Children’s Anxiety Counselling 

Help your child cope with their anxious thoughts and get back to feeling like themselves