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Counselling Barrie...Stepping stones to personal success

Have you been searching for “counselling barrie” because you are looking for assistance to help you through a troubling circumstance or address a problem you can’t seem to overcome by yourself? Or, you may be looking for answers—you want things to improve in your life, you feel that you have strayed from your path and you may not know the next step or why you feel “stuck. Our clinic provides counselling services to Barrie and the surrounding areas of Simcoe County. We use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other modalities to assist individuals, children and families are experiencing emotional difficulties. Many clients have told Julie that counselling is much like talking to a best friend or trusted confidant… the only difference is that Julie and her team have the training and the track record that helps make a positive difference.

Real Tools & Strategies

Family Counselling

We offer counselling for the whole family, whether that be together or individually.

Social Skills

tools and strategies to help your children's social skills


Individuals and couples can expect to gain strategies to practice at home to improve the issues they are having.


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