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Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so everyone is looking to spoil their significant other, kids, family, and friends. Instead, show someone really important that you care about them…. Show YOURSELF some extra love and pampering this Valentine’s Day by practicing some self-care! You’ll be surprised at how great it feels! 

What is self-care?

Do you ever feel exhausted from all of the ‘hustle and bustle’ of life? Does your day consist of running errands, picking up the kids, going to the store, work, getting projects done for others, etc? That might mean you are in need of a new self-care routine! Some people look at self-care as being selfish, when really it is the least selfish thing we could do. Taking care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally is so important. We all know that eating
right and exercising is great for our physical health but what about our mental health and emotional health? This is where self-care comes in! In an ideal world, we should add something into our daily routines that touches all three of those subjects. Some days maybe you can only fit in one quick thing whereas others might be a whole day dedicated to self-care. Either way, trying to do one thing for yourself everyday is so important. 

Why is it important for your mental health?

If you are not taking care of yourself, who will? So many people get caught up taking care of others that they forget about themselves. You’ve probably heard the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” This is pertaining to taking care of yourself. When you don’t take time for yourself, you start to feel exhausted, weighed down, and it can even cause you to get sick. It also ties in with stress management, self-care is a great way to destress. Adding self-care into your routine can greatly improve your state of mental health. It’s a great way to check in with yourself and say “what does my mind and body need from me right now?” Putting time into yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself and others around you. It can help you stay in check with what is going on with your mental health, like how you are feeling and what things you are doing that makes you feel better or worse. Putting this quality time into yourself can also majorly improve your self-esteem and confidence! 

Ways to Practice Self-care

You don’t need to take a week off work/responsibilities and book an expensive beach vacation to practice self-care. Of course, you can! But a few small changes to your routine should suffice. 

Self-care is not a one time activity, it is something that should get added into your daily routine. To start, it’s as simple as taking 10 minutes a day to yourself. Whether this is reading, journalling, or doing that face-mask you bought for yourself 3 months ago. There are so many ways to practice self-care. It is all about what YOU like doing. Everyone has different likes and hobbies. Was there something that you used to love doing for yourself and haven’t done it a long time? Go do it! Or maybe you just want to do nothing, curl up on the couch and take a nap? Do it! Do what you need to feel recharged and energized. Take a break from the busyness of life and relax doing something that brings you joy. Don’t know where to start? Try one of these ideas: 

  • Go for a walk
  • Read a book
  • Turn off your phone
  • Journal (write down thoughts and feelings)
  • Go to your favourite cafe or restaurant
  • Take a nap 
  • Exercise
  • Go on a coffee date with a friend
  • Take a hot shower/bath
  • Find a DIY project
  • Cook yourself a nice meal
  • Do a puzzle
  • Listen to your favourite song on repeat
  • Light your favourite candle
  • Watch your favourite show/movie/sport
  • Put on comfy clothes 
  • Eat healthy
  • Spend time with family and/or friends
  • Practice deep breathing 
  • Meditate 
  • Colour