True Friends (Friendship Skills)

This friendship skills program is suitable for both junior and intermediate school age children from Grades 3 – 8. The program is designed to give maturing kids the knowledge and skills they need to successfully navigate the world of cliques, shifting relationships, and (for older players only) the beginning of interest in the opposite sex. Children learn how to be a true friend, to resist negative peer pressure from friends and other classmates, and to strive to be themselves instead of trying to fit the unrealistic cookie cutter mould of the “popular” girl or guy.


True Friends (Friendship Skills) Learning Objectives:


  1. Learn specific actions they can take to make new friends and be good friends
  2. Learn specific actions that they can take to resolve differences with peers.
  3. Learn to treat friends with respect.
  4. Learn the responsibilities of friendship.
  5. Learn to deal with the pressure and “need” to be popular.
  6. Older children learn the challenges of entering the world of dating and how to treat others with respect and consideration.
  7. Older children learn the dangers and pressures toward risky behaviours at parties.


The program has a clinical game-based presentation with direct skill instruction and suggestions for between-session practice. A pre and post program screening is completed to chart progress and provide appropriate recommendations for further support. This program can be incorporated into home behaviour plans and school Individual Education Plans (IEP).



  • Six 1 hour individual sessions
  • $285 plus tax
  • Not covered under insurance


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