Children's Feelings Program

The Children’s Feelings program is a beginner level, Psycho-Educational instructional program offered for children of all ages, who are having difficulty identifying, understanding and expressing basic emotions. The Children’s Feelings Program is suitable for children with learning disabilities, social delays, ADHD, and Aspergers Syndrome.


One of the major difficulties for such children is that their emotions have only an ON and OFF switch.  They either don’t express their feelings at all or they react with intensity far beyond what the actual situation would indicate.


As they emerge from the cocoon of early childhood, children with these challenges simply do not have in their emotional tool-boxes the means to differentiate between little feelings, medium feelings and big feelings.    This program assists the child to create an appropriate emotional tool-box.


Six basic emotions are covered in the Children’s Feelings Program: sad, angry, calm, frustrated, happy and worried.  Children are instructed on how to identify each of these basic emotions and rate the intensity of their feelings.  They are instructed in appropriate responses to each successive level of emotional intensity. Children also learn how to identify if their level of feeling fits the situation ( for example, if a big level of anger is appropriate if you find out you can’t watch your TV show until after dinner), and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate ways to express how they feel.


A pre and post program screening is completed to chart progress and provide appropriate recommendations for further support.  This program can be incorporated into home behaviour plans and school Individual Education Plans. (IEP).


  • Six 1 hour individual sessions
  • $285 plus tax
  • Not covered by insurance