Children's Anxiety 2

This program continues on with the skills learned in the initial anxiety program, as well as teaching new, more advanced skills.  The program continues the use of CBT techniques.


Children will learn:


Physiological principles:


  • How to recognize what happens physically to their body when they become anxious.
  • How to relax and calm themselves down during an anxiety provoking situation


Cognitive Skills:


  1. How to change their negative self talk into positive, hopeful self talk.
  2. How to reward themselves when they achieve a partial success.


Anxiety Level 2 Learning Skills:


  1. How to problem solve using a six stage model to solving problems
  2. How to gradually expose themselves to anxiety provoking situations using a coping step plan.
  3. How to reward themselves for approaching worrisome situations.



  • Eight 1 hour individual sessions
  • $380 plus tax
  • Not covered under insurance


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