Essential Oils for Mental Health

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Essential Oils for Mental Health

Essential Oils for Mental Health 

In our office we are big fans of essential oils for just about everything, especially mental health. If you have been to the office before you will know that we are usually diffusing some sort of calming or uplifting blend of oils to promote a stress free environment that also smells great. Oils are becoming more and more popular because they are so beneficial for so many different reasons. From muscle pain, sleep issues, stress management and
more, there is an oil to aid in almost any issue. We believe that oils are so great for mental health because of their benefits for depression, anxiety, stress, calming, uplifting mood and sleep. They are also a healthy and natural way to help with mental health concerns. 

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in parts of plants such as, seeds, stems, roots, and flowers.Oils can be used for personal care, beauty treatment, food preparation and more. There is a lot of different oil companies out there, but the company we use and keep in stock is DoTerra. DoTerra has a number of different oils, from single oils, to blend, rollers (for topical use) and more! Single oils are made with one ingredient whereas blends are made with multiple different kinds of oils. 

Oils for Mental Health

There are so many great oils that have so many great uses. These are a few of our favourites that we often suggest to people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, sleep issues as well as to help uplift mood. Here is a few of our favourite oils and how they can help your mental health: 

  • Serenity

    • This is a restful blend that aids in sleep issues, insomnia, stress, anxiety and tension. It can be used by applying directly to your skin or diffused. The main ingredients in this blend are; lavendar, cedar wood, ylang ylang, vanilla and chamomile.
  • Elevation

    • This is a joyful blend that helps uplift your mood and mind and make you feel energized. It is great for stress, anxiety, depression and mood disorders. It can be used in the diffuser or applied directly to skin. We
      often use this oil in our office to help everyone in the office feel energized and stress free. The main ingredients in this blend are; tangerine peel, lavender flower, Hawaiian sandalwood and clary sage. 
  • Peace

    • Peace is a reassuring blend that works great for helping focus, calming nerves and irritability, stress, worry and restlessness. It is also great for when you are feeling overwhelmed. This blend is perfect for diffusing during meditation to help focus and clear your mind. The main ingredients in this blend are vetiver root, lavender, frankincense and yang ylang. 
  • Balance

    • This grounding blend is another great blend for anxiety and stress. When you are feeling anxious this is a great blend to rub onto your wrists to ease some of the anxiety. You can also diffuse this oil to promote relaxation. The main ingredients in this oil are; spruce, frankincense and chamomile. 
  • Lavender

    • This single oil has so many benefits for mental health. It promotes a stress free, relaxing environment when diffused and is great for aiding in sleep. To help sleep issues you can diffuse next to your bed or apply to the bottoms of your feet to get a restful sleep. This is a very calming and soothing blend that is a staple in our oil collection. 

How to use them 

There are several different ways you can use essential oils. Every oil has several different
uses. The main forms of use are aromatic, and topical. These forms of usage have a lot of different uses within themselves. Here are a few examples of how to use them: 

  • Aromatic

    • Diffusing – a diffuser is used by adding a couple drops of the desired oil to water and it creates a water vapour. This puts of a great smell well also gaining the benefits from whichever oil you choose (example: diffusing serenity blend oil before bed can aid in a great night sleep) 
    • Direct inhalation – when you do not have access to a diffuser, putting a drop of desired oil into your hands (or cloth or tissue) and rubbing them together then cupping over your nose and taking a deep breath is a great way to use oils (example: to uplift your mood, add a drop of the Elevation blend to your hands and take a deep breath to instantly feel more energized) 
  • Topical

    • Apply directly – This use is great for when you are suffering from a headache or muscle pain. You can add directly to the skin (some oils require a carrier oil to dilute before applying to skin – coconut oil works great for this.) This is a great use for when you are on the go (example: if you are feeling anxious before a big test or job interview, add a drop of the Peace blend to your hands and massage into your neck to help calm you down during the stressful event). 
    • Bath – Essential oils are great for adding to bath water after a stressful day. Adding a few drops of lavender oil into the bath water can help calm you down and help unwind from stressful day and prepare you for a great nights sleep. 

We stock some oils in our office regularly but if there are any oils that our clients want to order we can always help them out with that. We can also offer lots of help with great ways to use your oils!