Play Therapy

Our Play Therapy services:

Play is the natural way children learn. The natural communication method in children is play and activity – toys are used as words and play is their language. Children can use toys and art to express things that they may otherwise feel uncomfortable discussing. Therefore, It is essential for children to “play out” their feelings and emotions to better understand them. In conclusion, play therapy is a way of assisting children to learn new emotional, behavioural, and cognitive skills quickly using their individual learning style.

The key concepts of play therapy that children will learn: 

  • That their feelings are acceptable 
  • To express their feelings responsibility 
  • To be creative and resourceful in confronting problems 
  • Self-control and direction
  • Respect themselves
  • Accept themselves
  • Responsible for their choices

We have a child expert with a dedicated focus on play therapy. Above all, our play therapy area it stocked with multiple modalities that make your child feel comfortable.

some of these forms of play are:

  • Doll house
  • Puppets
  • Stuffed animals
  • Board games
  • Building blocks
  • Art Therapy (colouring, painting, crafts)
  • White board

In our clinic we offer a warm, gentle and flexible approach to counselling for children. Our play therapy area gives children a safe place for them to be comfortable expressing themselves. There is no set timeline for the therapy process, it is based on each individuals needs. Most importantly, we encourage parents to support and engage in their child’s play therapy to advance the progress. However, the work can be done proactively without directly addressing the issues with the child (for example, if a parent reports sexual abuse but does not know how aware the child is regarding the event).

What is unique about us, is that we also have two registered therapy dogs on site. Some children respond better and feel more comfortable around animals. The dogs are not always in the clinic, but we can bring them in at anytime as long as the parent and child are comfortable with it. In conclusion, we want to give every child and parent that comes into our office, a comfortable and inviting environment.

Play therapy is generally done with children between the ages of 3 and 11. Play therapy can facilitate children with learning skills for a variety of childhood problems including:



Social Skills

Toileting issues (enuresis and encopresis)

Children experiencing numerous strong emotions at one time

Children with learning disabilities

If you are interested in play therapy you may also want to look at our CPRT program

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