Behaviour Management Counselling

Our behaviour management counselling are offered as a form of direct support for two groups of family members:

  • For children and teens, as well as for parents who wish to improve their parenting skills.
  • Do you wish your child could perform better in some aspect of life; socially, emotionally, academically – but their behaviour is in the way?
  • Does your child act better in some environments and worse in others: better at school than home, at sports than daycare, or better at home than school?

Our behaviour management counselling for children and teens assist them to better understand the thoughts and emotions that lead them to ineffective behaviours.  We further help them to develop habits of thought and emotion that lead to behaviours which can assist them in reaching their goals. We encourage children and teens to view their parents as a source of support, while maintaining age-appropriate levels of self-sufficiency and self-responsibility.

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