Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating disorders treatment is critical for those who struggle with issues related to food.  Some people are surprised to learn that eating disorders are about feelings, not food.  For this reason, eating disorders treatment can be a daunting process for some clients. It is difficult to discuss deep and painful feelings, which is why so many remain silent about their eating problems.


Whether in adults, teens, or children: using food as a way of managing feelings:

  • becomes tiring
  • can be frightening
  • compromises physical health
  • proves ineffective over time

These ineffective coping attempts can become compulsive and spin out of control, eventually using up much of the time in life that would otherwise be devoted to enjoying oneself.


The first step in eating disorders treatment is to come to truly understand how “eating because of” a feeling (bingeing, over eating, comfort eating), “throwing up” a feeling (purging), “denying feelings” (starving) or running away from feelings (exercise anorexia) do little to resolve those same feelings.


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