Post Partum Depression

 Having a baby is a big event for all mothers; physically and emotionally.  It is natural in the first few days after delivery for women to experience mood fluctuations as their hormones realign.  These feelings of the “baby blues” are often gone within the first 10 days after delivery.  However, some women experience deep, painful, long lasting depression which is known as postpartum depression.  These Moms often feel like bad mothers, some find it hard to connect emotionally with their babies, and they often find it hard to seek help.


Postpartum depression has not always been recognized as a real concern; hence it continues to be under-reported. Research shows that the sooner the condition is diagnosed, the more effective the treatment.
We offer supportive counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), stress management and other strategies to help Moms reduce the impact of, and work through, their post-partum depression.



Postpartum Depression

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