Couples Counselling

There are 3 main reasons people seek couples therapy or marriage counselling;

confusion reduction To assist them to decide if they wish to continue in their current relationship.

change They’ve decided to stay together and need assistance to create the relationship they both want.

choice They have decided not to stay together and want assistance in dismantling the family in a way that is supportive to their children.

All relationships face issues from time to time. When it comes to couples counselling, the sooner you recognize there’s an issue and need to seek help, the better. 

Couples counselling is not only for married couples. Sometimes having some guidance
when making changes in your relationship can be very helpful. Whether you are married, to be married, looking to move to the next step in your relationship, ending a relationship and more, counselling can be very beneficial. We offer a no judgement zone for anyone seeking couples counselling. We support traditional couples, non-traditional couples as well as the LQBTQ community. 

Common Reasons People Seek Couples Counselling:

  • Communication 

    • Communication is the foundation to any relationship. When communication is lost, the relationship can become strenuous. Counselling can help you and your partner learn tools and strategies to be able to enhance your  communication. 
  • “Living with a roommate” (lack of communication and intimacy) 

    • Lack of communication and intimacy can make a relationship feel like a roommate situation. This means that you may be living with your partner but it begins to feel like you are living with a good friend. The intimacy and communication is gone, yet you still love that person but something just feels, ‘off.’ Counselling can give tools to rekindle relationships and get back to the place you used to be. 
  • Infidelity – Sexual, Emotional and Financial

    • Infidelity in a relationship can be very upsetting, but this does not mean that the relationship has to end. It can be sexual, emotional or both. Couples counselling provides tactics to begin to mend the trust issues in a relationship. As long as both partners in the relationship are willing to move forward, counselling can be very beneficial. When cheating is involved it assists with trust issues, communication issues and intimacy issues. Infidelity does not have to be physical, it can also be emotional. Sexual infidelity is pretty self explanatory, but emotional infidelity is a little bit harder to identify. Cheating emotional is more common today due to so many options for technology. This could be messaging on facebook, texting, looking for ‘friends’ on a match maker website and more. 
    • Cheating in a relationship can be very painful, but today couples are facing a different kind of infidelity. Couples are facing something called financial infidelity. This can be anything from hiding debt, bankruptcy to filling loans in the other partners name. Finances alone can put a lot of strain on a relationship, when it comes to hiding finances and issues that is when it becomes an even bigger issue. In counselling the tools can be provided to help regain the trust that has been lost and also assist with the financial planning aspect of the relationship. 
  • Children 

    • Whether couples already have children, want children or have grown children; this topic can always raise issues in a partnership. When a couple already has children they may become stressed due to behavioural issues or school issues. Sometimes couples may not see eye to eye about decisions or disciplinary actions. Couples who want children may not have the same ideas. Conceiving, adopting, choice on whether to have children and more can all cause tension in a relationship. A very common issue when it comes to children is ‘empty nest syndrome’ this is when a couple has adult children who have grown and left the home. This can drastically change the dynamic of a relationship because the child(ren) were the main focus for so long that some couples may have to reconnect and change their lives around to suit the change. 

Counselling Process for Couples 

Couples counselling takes work and patience. Nothing can be changed instantly so people need to know, coming in that the main thing they will need to have is patience. During sessions, individuals and couples can expect to gain strategies to practice at home to improve the issues they are having. One of the most important aspects of couples counselling is to be open to new ideas and be willing to practice. Relationships take a lot of hard work. Here are some things you can expect to get out of couples therapy, but only if the work is put in: 

  • Better communication 
  • More understanding of your partner 
  • Strategies for when issues start to arise 
  • Strategies to improve emotional intimacy

Partners are often in different emotional places when they begin the process. After the intake, all couples therapy files are seen as individual files with the objective of strengthening the individual and their relationship. Weekly tools and strategies are given to assist with the development of new, more effective patterns.

Clients may invite their partner to their session after deciding on an objective for that clinical hour to ensure the time spent is productive in moving the couple toward greater understanding and change.

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