Anxiety Counselling

Our anxiety counselling sessions provide an understanding of the nature of anxiety and strategies to cope.

Do you experience the following:

  • Dizziness?
  • Wake in the night with racing thoughts?
  • Feel heaviness in your chest?
  • Have irrational fears?
  • Have frequent headaches or migraines?
  • Brain fog, or feel spaced out?
  • Feel numbness in your skin?

People do not recognize symptoms of anxiety in their own thoughts, behaviour and physical well-being. Many people are unaware that anxiety can cause symptoms that affect the body, chest, mouth/stomach, head, hearing, mind, sleep, skin, sight, touch, emotions, mood and feelings.

Anxiety comes with everyday life. Whether it has to do with meeting a deadline, work stressors, family challenges and more. It can come in many forms. Sometimes knowing and understanding your anxiety is the hardest part. It can affect every aspect of a persons life, behavioural, psychological and physiological

What you can expect from Counselling:

If your anxiety is getting to the point where it is affecting multiple areas in your life (school, career, relationship, sleep) then we can help. At Julie Lewis Counselling and Consulting Inc, Julie offers a very hands on approach to counselling. She offers a wide variety of tools and strategies that you can practice at home to help the therapy process. Some examples of what you might expect are: CBT, DBT, meditation, thought processes and more.

Complications with untreated anxiety:

If you suffer from anxious feelings and leave it untreated you are putting yourself at a greater risk for substance abuse, depression and physical illnesses. Even though it is a chronic condition there are many ways and life changes that you can make that help relieve you of these feelings. The longer you ignore your feelings, the worse it can get. Trying to ignore it may actually induce more feelings of panic, make it harder to cope in your job, school or social life and more. It can start to take a toll on your relationships and even make it difficult to even get out of bed everyday.

To learn some more about anxiety, types of anxiety, symptoms and more please check out our blog “What is Anxiety?”

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These are just some of the symptoms that have been clinically related to anxiety.


Social Anxiety



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