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Stepping stones to personal success

Have you been searching for “counselling barrie” because you are looking for assistance to help you through a troubling circumstance or address a problem you can’t seem to overcome by yourself?


Or, you may be looking for answers—you want things to improve in your life, you feel that you have strayed from your path and you may not know the next step or why you feel “stuck.”


Julie’s passion for helping her clients make positive, lasting changes in their lives has been the focus of her career for close to a decade. She is excited about being able to give her clients tools and strategies that they can use now, and for the rest of their lives. She believes each person she helps will, in turn, positively affect all those in their circle, which helps strengthen their families and their community.

Focus on strategic treatment and quick, easy, highly effective self-care strategies has enhanced the lives of Julie’s clients. Without on-going self-care, which can be done quickly and easily at home, clients risk relapse and the need for on-going treatment. Many clients have small amounts of time, and large amounts of stress. Julie’s self-care strategies promote the independence of her clients in the management of their stress.


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